After almost three years of satisfying charcuterie and sandwich fans at Artisan Meat Share, we closed shop on Sunday, June 4. We are forever grateful for the warm embrace of the Charleston community, and the customers from both near and far that spent their time with us. Artisan Meat Share would not have made its mark without the passion, innovation and hard work of both Chef Craig Deihl and Chef Bob Cook.

While bittersweet, the closure of Cypress and Artisan Meat Share brings new opportunity. Stay tuned for a new HMGI concept located at this Spring Street space in the months ahead. In the meantime, we hope to see you at Magnolias and Blossom.

Boxed Lunches


includes a choice of chips, pea & peanut salad,
or potato salad

house cured meats, Auricchio provolone, shaved lettuce, onion, tomato, pepper rings, AMS sub sauce, sub roll

Roast Beef
arugula, horseradish-Dijon, red wine pickled onions, potato bread

Smoked Turkey
cheddar, arugula, tomatoes, avocado, pickled shallots, Comeback sauce, hoagie roll

Tuna Nicoise
oil cured tuna, garlic aioli, herbs, black olives, chopped egg, tomato, greens, red wine-shallot vinaigrette, ciabatta

Nutty Knuckle
smoked ham, pimiento cheese, mustard, roasted peanuts, buttermilk roll


Chef Salad
greens, chopped egg, cheddar cheese, ham, turkey, roast beef, Parmesan vinaigre

watercress, arugula, pepper rings, olives, house cured meats, crostini

Thai Beef Salad
cabbage, baby greens, peanuts, green beans, shallots, tomatoes, herbs, Thai dressing

Minimum order of 6 Boxed Lunches Required
15.00 per person • includes a bottled water and cookie
24 hour notice for groups up to 15 • 72 hour notice for groups of 16-35

the big italian

Giant Italian sub stacked high with meats on ciabatta bread

50.00 • 72 hour notice required • Enough for up to 8 people

Pea & Peanut Salad, Potato Salad, Corn & Okra Salad, Local Bean Salad
16.00 each