After almost three years of satisfying charcuterie and sandwich fans at Artisan Meat Share, we closed shop on Sunday, June 4. We are forever grateful for the warm embrace of the Charleston community, and the customers from both near and far that spent their time with us. Artisan Meat Share would not have made its mark without the passion, innovation and hard work of both Chef Craig Deihl and Chef Bob Cook.

While bittersweet, the closure of Cypress and Artisan Meat Share brings new opportunity. Stay tuned for a new HMGI concept located at this Spring Street space in the months ahead. In the meantime, we hope to see you at Magnolias and Blossom.



In the fall of 2009, Cypress debuted the Artisan Meat Share – a CSA-like concept with various pick-ups throughout the year. The contents of the package depend on seasonality and what's most readily available, local and fresh. Cypress' Artisan Meats have always had a dedicated section on the dinner menu, in addition to a home on the bar menu. Now, Artisan Meat Share offers Chef Craig Deihl's award-winning meats to customers on a daily basis, plus the welcomed addition of gourmet sandwiches, fresh butcher shop products, house-made condiments and more.